DMA Pricing

What is DMA CFD Pricing?

DMA is an execution model in which the customer gets an authentic trade value feed from the fundamental market in which they are exchanging be it from the request books of a trade or a liquidity supplier. In addition to the fact that clients receive live market costs, full market profundity, and direct admittance to the trade request book (through PROFX Markets IRESS DMA stage) however 100 percent of customer orders on DMA items are supported in the basic market. Not exclusively does the DMA model outcome in a request streaming onto the basic market, it additionally gives admittance to use, short selling and serious commissions. DMA valuing is accessible solely through our IRESS exchanging stage on trade exchanged items. This makes DMA CFDs with PROFX Markets, a strong exchanging instrument.

Benefits of DMA CFD Trading

  • TransparencyWith an independent exchange price feed you can see every bid and every offer for the security you are trading. The ability to analyse bid and offer volumes and live order flow provides you with a crucial edge over other CFD traders.
  • Become a price maker, not a price takerBy passing 100% of DMA orders into the live market, PROFX Markets allows you to have an effect on the demand and supply of the product you are trading. You will be applying upward pressure when you are buying and downward pressure when selling. You can add liquidity as a seller or take liquidity as a buyer.
  • Increased trading opportunities PROFX Markets offers long-side trading on almost all securities on the exchanges we cover and the widest variety of shorts available to suit all types of trading strategies
  • Increased liquidity DMA model allows the trader to access identical market liquidity to the underlying market. You can also trade in both the opening and closing auction phases, where a significant portion of daily volume can be traded.
  • Matched and executed with what we believe to be better priced. It works extremely well for forex traders using trading strategies like scalping via Expert Advisors (EAs) as this further accelerates the speed of execution.
  • ECN Pricing at PROFX Markets refers to the way in which pricing is derived and ensures that competitive prices are offered. This is distinct from order execution which may result in an offsetting order to be placed with a liquidity provider, the trade to be offset with another client order/market participant or the client trade to be held internally by PROFX Markets.
  • Regardless of PROFX Markets hedging strategy, the goal of our ECN pricing model is to ensure quality execution at tight pricing.

Why Choose PROFX Markets as Your Forex and CFDs Broker

  • Deep Liquidity

    PROFX Markets offers the opportunity to benefit from a large liquidity pool of leading, tier one, regulated financial institutions for a diverse liquidity mix and aggressive pricing.

  • Transparency

    Stay in control with transparent pricing and commissions with a trading account from PROFX Markets, a forex and CFD broker, globally.