IB Commssion

How much money do PROFX Markets partners receive?

When calculating Affiliate commission, we take into account all transactions performed by your clients – no time or bonus limitations!

Account Type

Pro ProCent ECN

R Trader


Affiliate commission rate is specified in the percentage of the Company’s revenue.

Receive even more funds within the framework of the Loyalty program

Every month, PROFX Markets pay an additional percentage of the total affiliate commission you received this month. Payouts within the framework of the Loyalty program are made automatically.

Your profit 15,000 - 30,000 USD


Payout up to
1,500 USD

Your profit 15,000 - 30,000 USD


Payout up to
4,500 USD

Your profit more than 30,000 USD


Payout starting from
6,000 USD

Example of affiliate commission calculation

You attracted 50 clients

Their total trading volume is 500 lots in EURUSD:500 * 13 = 6,500 USD

(6,500 * 0,5) * 1.1 = 3,575 USD

Broker revenue*        50% revenue share        10% Loyalty program      Your profit

* – More detailed information about the broker’s revenue in different instruments can be chat.

Increase your payouts with Affiliate accounts

Your clients have an opportunity to trade on special Affiliate accounts with increased mark-up and you will get profit by 1.8 times more in comparison with standard accounts.

How to become a PROFX Markets partner?