What is ECN Pricing?

What is ECN Pricing?

As an agent offering ECN Pricing, PROFX Markets streams value takes care of straightforwardly from our liquidity suppliers. We comprehend that the present dealers esteem profound liquidity, the most elevated levels of value straightforwardness, tight spreads, and super quick execution to guarantee insignificant slippage.

The method for addressing this large number of necessities, while keeping the whole exchanging experience smooth and consistent, is through the Electronic Communication Network (ECN). This innovation permits executable value streaming, making of a virtual request book, and accumulation across different liquidity suppliers.

By interfacing with various liquidity suppliers, representatives like PROFX Markets, can offer incredibly aggressive spreads, super low dormancy execution and insignificant slippage. ECN Pricing permits exchanging requests to be

Coordinated and executed with what we accept to be better valued. It functions admirably for forex merchants utilizing exchanging procedures like scalping through Expert Advisors (EAs) as this further speeds up the speed of execution.

ECN Pricing at PROFX Markets alludes to the manner by which valuing is inferred and guarantees that serious costs are advertised. This is particular from request execution which might bring about a balancing request to be put with a liquidity supplier, the exchange to be counterbalanced with another customer request/market member or the customer exchange to be held inside by PROFX Markets.

Despite PROFX Markets supporting procedure, the objective of our ECN estimating model is to guarantee quality execution at tight valuing.

Why Choose PROFX Markets as Your Forex and CFDs Broker

  • Deep Liquidity

    PROFX Markets offers the chance to profit from an enormous liquidity pool of driving, level one, controlled monetary foundations for a different liquidity blend and forceful evaluating.

  • Transparency

    Remain in charge with straightforward estimating and commissions with an exchanging account from PROFX Markets, a forex and CFD dealer, around the world.