Why PRO FX Markets?

Best Global CFD and Forex Broker

PROFX Markets is your one-stop destination to trade CFDs across Forex, Shares, Indices, Commodities & Cryptocurrencies.

Our range of trading accounts offers you consistently tighter spreads, starting from as low as 0.0 pips. We’ve partnered with leading banking and non-banking financial institutions to provide a deep liquidity pool, offering among the best available market prices.

Access over 10,000 tradeable CFD products on the world’s biggest exchanges. Choose from our powerful platform options including MT4, MT5, and Iress, and take your trading with you via our mobile, app and web-based accessibility options.

What Sets PROFX Markets Apart?


Pip spreads







Raw Forex Pricing on MT5

Deep liquidity
Benefit from a large liquidity pool of leading, tier one, regulated financial institutions for a diverse liquidity mix and aggressive pricing

Stay in control with transparent pricing and commissions with a trading account from PROFX Markets, a broker.

Low latency
Minimize slippage and experience ultra-low latency order execution, using best-in-class technology

Tight Raw Spreads
Our pricing model fosters price competition, leading to tight bid/ask spreads. Our spreads regularly go as low as 0.0 pips on the major currency pairs

Direct Market Access Pricing on IRESS

Trade Direct Market Access (DMA) Share CFDs via our powerful
Iress DMA Trading Platform.

With an independent exchange price feed, you can see every bid and every offer for the security you are trading


Become a price maker, not a price taker
Bypassing 100% of DMA orders into the live market, PROFX Markets allows you to have an effect on the demand and supply of the product you are trading


Increased liquidity
A DMA model allows the trader to access identical market liquidity to the underlying market

Advanced Trading Platforms & Technology

MetaTrader 5 (MT5), Iress and Webtrader & mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices


Advanced client portal to track your trading in real-time


Superior VPS solutions for EAs, scalpers and auto-trading


Why Trade FOREX

The more extensive perspective on Forex Exchange is that when one nation orders products from another country, they need to make the installment in the neighborhood cash of the provider country so they trade colossal measures of monetary forms of two distinct nations. During the time spent trade, the conversion scale moves either side dependent on the interest and supply of the money. The comparable trade rates are exhibited on different Currency Exchanges on the planet and we Trade on these trades to acquire benefits out of it.

It’s a possible chance to bring in some additional cash with forex exchanging on the web. The most ideal way is to consider making the plunge and find out about forex exchanging advantages and disadvantages subtleties to stay away from misfortune in forex exchanging.

It’s essential to have a comprehension of the business sectors and strategies for online forex exchanging and all the while keep an eye live forex cites on ordinary premise, with the goal that you can all the more successfully deal with your danger, make winning exchanges, and set yourself up for accomplishment in your new pursuit.

PROFX Markets gives Award-winning Trading Platforms for example MT4 and MT5 to offer an unrivaled Trading Environment and an assortment of Cross Currency Pairs to suit any Trading Needs.

Key Reasons to Trade Forex

  • Profound STP Liquidity to offer Professional Feeds.
  • Enormous Numbers of Trading Instruments to pick
  • Dynamic Leverage Options and Funding Options

What is Forex Trading?

Each country’s economy depends on its authority Currency. For executing any Trade or Commerce between two nations, the money trade between different nations happens dependent on which the interest and supply of every Currency is resolved and this is the way cost vacillates. At the point when the cost vacillates the Exchange comes into existance and this is the way different monetary standards are exchanged against one another dependent on the change of their trade costs.

There are so numerous Geopolitical, Economic and Fundamental elements liable for the adjustment in the Currency Pair costs so you should know about these components and likewise settle on a savvy choice of one or the other purchasing or selling a specific cross money.





PROFX Markets Provides the Award Winning Trading Platform that suits your Trading Needs and offers the glassy Trading Conditions for a smoother Trading Journey